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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Facebook Quiz 3

Answer to Quiz3: Human Sundial

Just as its name implies, the human sundial is a sundial involving the participation of human body. The instrument serves to tell the time according to the direction of our shadow cast under sun. The human sundial consists of two parts: A time tally marked with the numbers or titles of time; A month (or solar term) bar marked with month numbers or solar term titles.

When using the sundial, the user stands on the exact month (or solar term) of the time marked on the month (or solar term) bar; however, he should stick to the midline of the month (or solar term) bar, regardless of the month (or solar term) position of the time on the bar, which may be marked on the left or right. 

For more info and pictures about sundials in ancient china you may visit:

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Facebook Quiz 2

Answer to Quiz2: Kompyang(光餅)

Brief History: Kompyang(光餅) was named after Qi Jiguang, who invented it, taking the idea from Japanese onigiri. When Qi Jiguang led his troops into Fujian in 1562, the Japanese pirates, fearing his name, engaged mainly in guerrilla-style battles. Qi Jiguang noticed that the Japanese pirates could always trace where his troops camped because of the smoke that rose up to the sky when the soldiers prepared their meals. He found out the Japanese pirates had no such problem because they brought onigiri with them. So Qi Jiguang invented a kind of cake with a hole in the center so that they could be strung together to be conveniently carried along.

Later, to commemorate Qi Jiguang's victory against the pirate raiders, the cakes were named guang bing. If any one of you visit Sitiawan,Perak or Sibu, Kuching make sure you buy and try this, because its freakinlicious good... In Sitiawan they sell either plain or with pork.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Mini Book Sale

MCSC would be organizing a mini book sales. 

The details are as follow : 

1.This book sale is only opened for MCSC members, thus only MCSC members can pass the books to sell. 

2. Please pass the books to Khor Chee Hai (Room 79, Hiroshima Hostel). You may pass the books to your friends staying in Hiro, instead of passing them to batch rep, as batch rep alone cannot handle tonnes of books! :)

3. To ease our job, please write your name and the price on a piece of paper and label it onto the front cover of the books. 4. 5 % commission will be charged from the price sold. 

For inquiries. please contact Nicole Thang (89270618422) or Khor Chee Hai (89377237028). The closing date of this is 26th of September 2011. Thanks. ^^